Moving Day

Hi friends! My Mister and I are planning on moving this weekend..not anywhere crazy or out of state. That won’t happen for another two years or so. We’re just moving further north to be closer to school and work.

As I’ve been packing – or pretending to pack, rather – I’ve realized a lot of things. Two of them I will share: 1) I’m quite unorganized and 2) I have a lot of stuff. This sent me on a mission. I began scouring the internet for organization solutions, etc. Pinterest and I have become very close but I often go down the rabbit hole and well…walk away with not quite what I went in for.

Here are the three that I think suit me fantastically:

Real Simple is an oldie but a goodie. I often look forlongingly at the magazine while in the check out line at the grocery store. The website offers a ton of advice and ideas and get this, doesn’t cost me a penny. So, they are easily my number one. The website is also easy to navigate which I appreciate..lots.

Organizing Made Fun is a blog that I have enjoyed reading for quite some time. I especially love her article “31 Days to {Cheaply} Organize Your Home”. That’s good stuff. I’m always trying to pinch pennies since the Mister won’t be done with school for awhile. I especially like Day #6, Day #7 and Day #30.  

A Beautiful Mess wins my vote for the article “Decluttering Tips From An Aspiring Hoarder” simply because I need to get rid of clothes. Seriously, it’s getting pretty bad. I recently joined PoshMark in an effort to get rid of some things. Find me at @jesskhust. The girls over at ABM bring plenty of tips for other parts of your home too.

In other news, I’m crocheting up a storm. Hope to have my first baby blanket done in a couple of weeks. I’ll update you on my progress. . . with photos next time!

Later gators!