Catching up….

oh my goodness, i am completely falling down on the job of posting weekly. geez. so let me tell you what has been happening as of late. i got totally sunburned at the Kite Festival on Sunday at Zilker. photos to come as soon as i can load them on the computer. the mister and i decided to move at the end of next month to a location closer to campus. we toyed with the idea of buying but don’t feel financially secure. i am gearing up for my next crochet class. i’m falling in love with Emma over at A Beautiful Mess and all her engagement photos/wedding planning. i’ve been trying to take more photos – usually with my iphone (it’s so handy!) so you can follow me on instagram if you’d like (happyhust). i’m getting ready to start saving up for a screen printing course at the Stitch Lab here in Austin. Umm..because it’s awesome. Be on the lookout for bags and t-shirt goodness on Etsy before the year is out! That’s all for now! Hope you’re having a super fabulous wonderful Wednesday! Hugs!!  


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