We said ‘I do’

My Mister and I met in late 2010. It was nervewracking immediately connecting with someone but not really knowing where I stood. Man, oh man, he made me love everything about life. Still does. At the time that we met, he was living in Beaumont. That felt like a world away. And he made me wait forever for our first kiss. It was worth it, P.S.. We dated for three months before he moved to Austin. I helped him decorate his place, pick out new furniture (IKEA bound baby!), and a theme for his bathroom. It was sweet times. When he proposed, we already knew we were going to get married. It seemed almost like a formality but it was beautiful in our own dorky, quirky way.

J + J get engaged! IMG_0178IMG_0176

We booked the Bridgeport BrewPub in Portland, OR (I’ll tell you why later), found an officiant, invited our closest friends, bought a suit for him, a dress for me, and plane tickets. And….we got married. And it was beautiful! Made history even by getting married in that room!

j+j say i do

Thanks for reading! Has anyone else out there gotten married in a sort-of destination wedding?! Please share!


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