Moving Day

Hi friends! My Mister and I are planning on moving this weekend..not anywhere crazy or out of state. That won’t happen for another two years or so. We’re just moving further north to be closer to school and work.

As I’ve been packing – or pretending to pack, rather – I’ve realized a lot of things. Two of them I will share: 1) I’m quite unorganized and 2) I have a lot of stuff. This sent me on a mission. I began scouring the internet for organization solutions, etc. Pinterest and I have become very close but I often go down the rabbit hole and well…walk away with not quite what I went in for.

Here are the three that I think suit me fantastically:

Real Simple is an oldie but a goodie. I often look forlongingly at the magazine while in the check out line at the grocery store. The website offers a ton of advice and ideas and get this, doesn’t cost me a penny. So, they are easily my number one. The website is also easy to navigate which I appreciate..lots.

Organizing Made Fun is a blog that I have enjoyed reading for quite some time. I especially love her article “31 Days to {Cheaply} Organize Your Home”. That’s good stuff. I’m always trying to pinch pennies since the Mister won’t be done with school for awhile. I especially like Day #6, Day #7 and Day #30.  

A Beautiful Mess wins my vote for the article “Decluttering Tips From An Aspiring Hoarder” simply because I need to get rid of clothes. Seriously, it’s getting pretty bad. I recently joined PoshMark in an effort to get rid of some things. Find me at @jesskhust. The girls over at ABM bring plenty of tips for other parts of your home too.

In other news, I’m crocheting up a storm. Hope to have my first baby blanket done in a couple of weeks. I’ll update you on my progress. . . with photos next time!

Later gators!




Feeling gypped…and why I shouldn’t use the word gypped.

Most people don’t realize that the word gypped is a racial slur against those nomads known as gypsies. I obviously know this and am sharing it with you. However, racial slur aside, the meaning of the word is to be swindled or feel as though you got less than you paid for. Check it out at Urban Dictionary. Let me explain. I follow three blogs. That’s it. Three. And by follow, I mean that I check them daily. No joke. Daily. And I like it. It makes  me happy and sometimes makes me wonder why I’m not better at blogging…but more on that another time. And of course, those blogs have an Instagram…and I follow those. Check that daily too. (We’re just all sorts of plugged in these days, aren’t we?) One of my favorite blogs suggested/promoted a young entrepeneur who posts a photo of an vintage dress/shirt/handbag/backpack/shoes on Instagram and sells it to the first person to comment with their email address. Sweet deal. It’s like a game PLUS you get something vintage. Cool, right? So I played. This adorable vintage pink dress aptly titled Pink Sail Away Dress was claimed. I received an invoice with NO indication that I would not be able to return did I dislike the dress, it did not fit correctly, or it was damaged. But really, who would sell a damaged dress without including that in the description, right? I paid and patiently waited for the dress to arrive, already planning out the outfits that me and the Pink Sail Away Dress would create together. She arrived and I was greatly disappointed. This dress could have been wonderful!!!…had it been taken care of. There were two holes where I presume belt loops had once been. The button in the center of the bust was missing but a pretty sizable hole was where the button should have been sewn on. The hem had come undone. The bodice was coming apart from the skirt. It was in sad shape. Not worth what I paid and most definitely what I expected. I felt…here it is, GYPPED. And of course, in my haste of pulling the Pink Sail Away Dress out of the package, I failed to notice the disclaimer on my receipt that said “This Shop Does NOT Accept Returns At This Time.” This was written next to the young entrepeneur’s signature and “Thank You!!!” written in gold pen. I completely acknowledge that the button missing shouldn’t be such a big deal. Buy new buttons right? Or that the hole and hem could be resewn if I took it to someone in town. And the dress bodice could have been sewn back onto the skirt for a certain amount of money. I get that…the thing is, that isn’t what I was sold.

I promptly took photos and attached them in an email to the young entrepeneur expressing my disappointment and asking what the next step was. She reluctantly agreed to “make an exception” but before agreeing to such exception, she wanted me to keep the dress and then offered to take $10 off my next purchase. This was because she “hand inspects every item prior to mailout” and “is just as shocked as you are at the condition”. Umm…no. So I repack the dress, seal up the envelope in which it arrived and drive to the post office. I track the package, send it first class, pay my $6 and wait for her to email me to explain how she will be refunding me my money.

I checked the tracking number two days later and guess what? It’s been delivered. I decide to give it a day. I’ll wait and let this person be responsible. I wait a day…nothing. So I email. My package has been delivered to the wrong person. My package isn’t in the hands of the young entrepeneur. The young entrepeneur has no idea where it is. So I email my tracking number and a screen shot from telling me that it was delivered on March 14th @ 3:24 pm. Nope says the young entrepeneur. “I was home all day and no packages came.” 

I’m pretty pissed. Was it intentional? Has the package been truly misdelivered? How will I get my money back? Should I call and confront her via phone? Should I chalk it up to $50 that I’ll never see again? Should I post on her instagram posts that she doesn’t do returns? That she isn’t honest? Do I know she isn’t honest? Ugh.



xoxo jess  

Catching up….

oh my goodness, i am completely falling down on the job of posting weekly. geez. so let me tell you what has been happening as of late. i got totally sunburned at the Kite Festival on Sunday at Zilker. photos to come as soon as i can load them on the computer. the mister and i decided to move at the end of next month to a location closer to campus. we toyed with the idea of buying but don’t feel financially secure. i am gearing up for my next crochet class. i’m falling in love with Emma over at A Beautiful Mess and all her engagement photos/wedding planning. i’ve been trying to take more photos – usually with my iphone (it’s so handy!) so you can follow me on instagram if you’d like (happyhust). i’m getting ready to start saving up for a screen printing course at the Stitch Lab here in Austin. Umm..because it’s awesome. Be on the lookout for bags and t-shirt goodness on Etsy before the year is out! That’s all for now! Hope you’re having a super fabulous wonderful Wednesday! Hugs!!  

Books. Books. Books.

It’s no lie. I’m a sucker for books. I’ll read just about any book. I hardly put one down unless it is truly bad. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know ANYONE who doesn’t love a bookstore and/or library. I devour the smells, the excited whispers, the groups, the variety of people, and the adventure of finding the book that could change my life. It sounds slightly silly but if you’re a book lover, you totally know where I’m coming from.

As of late, I’ve been taking advantage of Austin’s public transportation – the bus. I don’t enjoy the sights and smells of the bus and the driver’s attitudes are less than lackluster but I love the time that I get to read. To be honest, once I’m buried in a book, I don’t notice all that other crap as much anyway. Since January, I’ve read 9 books. I just counted. I’m shocked. However, 5 of those were a young adult series and well, those are just fun with a capital F! I think as part of this blog, I’d like to tell you guys about what I’m reading and ask if you can suggest any good books. I’ve read, in no particular order, Middlesex, Life of Pi, Carrie Pilby, The Molly Moon Series, and The Reader. I’m currently reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

My first book review will be of Life of Pi. Disclaimer: Never reviewed a book before. Not in print anyway. Maybe I’ll develop a new skill. Haha.

Life of Pi was excruciatiling detailed. I mean, everything was explained. Everything from Pi’s name to the city of Pondicherry to the island of man-eating algae. I was nearly 60 pages in before I really grasped the author’s style. Piscine Molitor Patel is a young Indian boy who is raised by Hindu parents in Pondicherry. His father owns a zoo and Piscine is considerably better off that most. He begins to go by Pi when he switches grade school because people, even teachers, at the previous school called his Pissing. Slightly heartbreaking. In his childhood in Pondicherry, he searches for a higher power in all religions and his curiosity soon finds him learning about Jesus Christ and speaking Arabic while praising Allah. While his family is confused, his father is supportive of Pi choosing to believe in all religions when Pi is accosted on the street by the three respected church leaders. This wasn’t expressed in the movie – a bit disappointing. Pi’s father, discontent with where he thinks India is headed, decides to sell the animals, the zoo, and move his family to Canada for a new beginning. During the trip on a Japanese freighter, Pi hears a loud bang and heads up to the deck to find the ship is in turmoil and a very large storm brewing. He is frightened – not excited like the movie – and before he can go back to his cabin and wake his family, he is thrown overboard by the French cook. His lifeboat tosses and turns, a zebra jumps in and in the process breaks his leg, and he keeps Richard Parker, a Bengal tiger, from drowning by helping him on to the boat. Immediately, he realizes his mistake and the boat is tossed and turned and Pi believes that Richard Parker has been thrown overboard. The waves of the ocean during the storm are brutal and he watches as the freighter takes his whole family, his whole life down to the bottom of the Pacific. Within the week, Pi discovers that Richard Parker is very much alive on the boat after he saves Pi’s life from the feral hyena on board. The rest of the book is a harrowing account of this boy’s life and his ability to train Richard Parker. Overall, great book. There is a part in there where he tries to eat Richard Parker’s poo – gross – and also, he goes blind and the French cook gets eaten. Those aren’t in the movie but man, totally interesting to read.

Next time, I want to review Carrie Pilby but in the meantime, if you haven’t read Life of Pi, I think you should consider it. Think of the movie and the book as two separate entities. It’ll help you enjoy both better.

New Year’s Resolutions….are for weenies.

Haha. Just kidding. I, like most of you, have made New Year’s Resolutions. Am I aware that it’s January 29th? Yes. Have I maybe not been so good about my resolutions? Yes. And perhaps that is my reason for my lashing out in the title. I don’t think you are a weenie. In fact, I’m the weenie for not keeping up with my New Year Resolutions. So without further ado, I will share my New Year’s Resolutions.

1) Be fit and healthy

I’ve been thinking a lot more about the shape I was in about two years ago before me and the Mister met. I was in excellent shape. I ran two half marathons! But alas, he and I met and while I believe we still eat healthy, I need to start working on my fitness. I want to be healthy inside and out!

2) Be more CrEaTive!

I would like to aim to create 12 crafts this year – one every month. While I’m sure that I’ll create more than 12, I think 12 is a good number to start with.

3) Blog (I am now!)

I need to take some time and blog about life, crafts, big dreams and inspirations. Period. My goal is to blog once a week. Hmm..I’m sure you’re aware that I’ve fallen off the wagon just a tad bit with this one…I’ll get better!

4) My style

I love, adore even, dresses. I just do. Always have. Always will. I find them sophisticated, fun, flirty, retro, adorable, and comfortable. I can find a dress to fit almost any mood and that makes me feel very pleased in the world we live in. You must find comfort in the small things. So..I would like to take more risks. Perhaps wear more colorful tights, be more confident, and buy those oxfords that are pink and grey dammit!

5) Throw more parties!

I’d just like to have more get-togethers to celebrate friendship and life.

6) Organize. Organize. Organize.

I have so much stuff. A lot of odds and ends. Things from my childhood. I have so many things that when we moved in April, I didn’t even unbox some of it. That’s bad. I need to make myself unpack boxes, part with things that I don’t need, only hold on to things that I truly need, etc.

7) Financial Stability

My goal is to pay off ALL my credit cards. It is going to be hard friends but I am committed. Then I’ll start whittling away those pesky student loans!

8) Seek and Find a New Job

I have all sorts of experience that doesn’t really make me an ideal candidate for one position, I’m more like an ideal candidate for several different positions. And I don’t say that to toot my own horn. I’ve just dabbled in lots of things. Mostly education. And this brings me to my most important New Year’s Resolution.

9) Dream BIG

I want to create. I want to write. This year, I’m focusing on finding my passion. I love to sew. I’m not great at it..yet. But I will be. When I am, you’ll find me on Etsy. It’s going to happen. The second part of my Dream BIG is a children’s book. Personally, I’m more for young adult. I’ve already started with some ideas, etc. I’ll share them when I feel ready.

I know…only 9. I couldn’t think of another. Most people I know only create 5. Or just 1. Nope. I like odd numbers. Let me know some of your resolutions or if some of ours coincide!

xoxox jess


We said ‘I do’

My Mister and I met in late 2010. It was nervewracking immediately connecting with someone but not really knowing where I stood. Man, oh man, he made me love everything about life. Still does. At the time that we met, he was living in Beaumont. That felt like a world away. And he made me wait forever for our first kiss. It was worth it, P.S.. We dated for three months before he moved to Austin. I helped him decorate his place, pick out new furniture (IKEA bound baby!), and a theme for his bathroom. It was sweet times. When he proposed, we already knew we were going to get married. It seemed almost like a formality but it was beautiful in our own dorky, quirky way.

J + J get engaged! IMG_0178IMG_0176

We booked the Bridgeport BrewPub in Portland, OR (I’ll tell you why later), found an officiant, invited our closest friends, bought a suit for him, a dress for me, and plane tickets. And….we got married. And it was beautiful! Made history even by getting married in that room!

j+j say i do

Thanks for reading! Has anyone else out there gotten married in a sort-of destination wedding?! Please share!